Supplier Environmental Sustainability

Paul Massey

“As a global corporation, Atmus holds a firm belief in our collective responsibility to champion sustainability and environmental stewardship. When collaborating with our suppliers, we aim to amplify our impact, ensuring that our actions resonate positively within our local communities and contribute to the greater well-being of our planet.”

- Paul Massey, Vice President Supply Chain


Atmus Filtration Technologies Inc. is dedicated to creating a better future by protecting what is important. Our steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability lies at the heart of our purpose, propelling us to serve as proactive stewards of our planet.

We believe in taking concrete steps towards fostering a cleaner, more sustainable world and are committed to collaborating with suppliers who share and embody these same values. We expect our suppliers to align with our commitment to sustainability, integrating environmentally responsible practices into their operations. Together, we can embark on a journey towards a greener tomorrow, where every action taken resonates with our unwavering commitment to preserving our environment.