As part of our commitment to reducing our environmental impact, at Atmus Filtration Technologies, we understand the importance of keeping products out of the landfill.

By 2050, worldwide municipal solid waste generation is expected to have increased by roughly 70 percent to 3.4 billion metric tons… However, less than 20 percent of waste is recycled each year, with huge quantities still sent to landfill sites.” Statista

Recycling 213,000 lbs of polymer per year

In our mission to reduce waste, we use recycled materials to produce our crankcase ventilation filter media. Crankcase ventilation filters capture hazardous blow-by emissions from the crankcase of an internal combustion engine to protect both the operator and the surrounding environment. At Atmus, we use 213,000 lbs of recycled polymer per year in our crankcase ventilation products. To date, we have used 1.5 million lbs of recycled polymer, which equates to 50 9-ton dump trucks of landfill savings.

Converting waste media into fuel

At our plant in Cookeville, Tennessee, the team has increased its recycling capability by 10%. Partnering with an external vendor, the plant’s waste media is converted into a useable and sellable solid fuel, offsetting the use of natural resources like coal, petroleum-based fuels and natural gas in the production of cement and electricity.

Reducing methane gas

Using recycled materials to produce our crankcase ventilation filter media and recycling waste media helps reduce the amount of methane gas released into the air from landfills.

Find out more about our sustainable product technologies or learn more about how Atmus reduces its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by conserving water, reducing waste and saving energy.

We are always investigating innovative ways to reuse and recycle as part of our manufacturing process and we empower our employees to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.