FleetguardFIT™ Privacy Notice

This FleetguardFIT Privacy Notice applies to purchasers and users of certain Atmus Fleetguard products and technology, collectively “equipment,” under the FleetguardFIT brand. This equipment may contain activated telematics devices that transmit information to Atmus in relation to the proper maintenance of your vehicle or equipment. 

Purpose of Collection: Our digital tools include online tools and apps which are designed to assist customers with “Condition Based Maintenance” relating to vehicles and equipment. We understand the inconvenience and time drain associated with downtime and maintenance and strive to minimize the inconvenience via these tools. Among other things, our tools assist in maximizing uptime, streamlining the diagnostic process to identify the cause of the fault or malfunction, and getting you back in business as quickly as possible.

Personal Information Collected: The specific data elements collected via Atmus’ digital tools, including the telematics device, the FleetguardFIT web portal, and the mobile application, vary based upon the tool and specific customer needs. These include, but are not limited to, your name and contact details, information relating to the commercial vehicle or equipment at issue not limited to engine serial number and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), location data (in relation to locating a nearby repair center or bringing the service to you), diagnostic evaluations pertaining to the fault codes or repairs including the root cause and potential factors impacting the malfunction, payment information for any repairs or subscriptions to those services, and customer feedback via surveys (if applicable).

Processing of Information Collected: Atmus processes the data collected in relation to the particular digital tool or app in which you enroll and in relation to your particular needs. This includes, conducting necessary diagnostics on your commercial vehicle or equipment, fulfilling your repair and service requests, providing information to you about nearby service locations, scheduling appointments, and coming to your location to provide the diagnostics and repairs. The data may also be used for additional purposes such as product and quality improvement including value-added services benefitting our customers, customer feedback and support, and regulatory, legal and compliance purposes.

Other Information: Please refer to the Atmus Privacy Notice for additional information on Atmus’ practices pertaining to its digital tools (and other) Personal Data such as in relation to security, cross-border transfers, specific information for certain regions, individual rights, data retention, and any disputes.

Individuals with questions or concerns about the collection of Personal Data by Atmus in relation to our digital tools can also contact us at [email protected] for further assistance.