At Atmus Filtration Technologies, we realize the world is bigger than us and we aspire to a better future. Our commitment to environmental sustainability is evidence that we take our words seriously as we innovate new products and improve the environmental performance of our facilities and processes.

Conforming to international standards

We are proud that 100% of our manufacturing facilities have achieved certification to ISO14001 Environmental Management System and that five of our larger sites have added certification to ISO50001 Energy Management System. Our conformance to international standards is assessed by an external certifying body every year, a process that inspires us to continuously improve our policies, procedures and projects.

These frameworks require that we constantly collect and analyze data to identify trends and opportunities to improve our performance. They also ensure that environmental sustainability is integrated into business planning across all functions.

Creating a culture of environmental stewardship

Our employees share our passion for doing the right thing and care about what is important to our communities, our customers and our planet.

Each year, our leadership team sets aspirational and challenging goals to reduce the environmental impact of our facilities and processes. Our employees create and implement innovative solutions to increase recycling rates and reduce energy consumption, waste generation and water consumption. Discover some of our water, waste and energy solutions.

Our sites continue to implement no-cost/low-cost projects through employee engagement programs where we seek solutions to minimize energy use during non-production time. Over the past nine years, our teams have participated in an annual Environment Month. Environment Month is a time to drive engagement and personal commitment to environmental stewardship amongst our employees and their families.

Investing in green projects

Atmus has invested in projects that significantly reduce environmental impact, spending over $6M on facility and process improvements. Our work to improve heating, cooling and lighting continues and is now being complemented by investment in renewable energy, with three of our facilities installing solar panels and other sites evaluating options to do the same.

We continue to invest in cleaner technologies to ensure our products meet or exceed global environmental standards. Furthermore, we will continue to set challenging environmental sustainability goals - creating a better future by protecting what is important.