The Atmus manufacturing facility in Quimper, France has undergone a transformative upgrade, investing in a new automated production line which more than doubles its capacity for producing green cartridge fuel filters. This is one of the latest investments made in support of one of Atmus’ core strategies to transform its supply chain.  

When speaking recently about the company’s progress in transforming its supply chain, Atmus CEO Steph Disher shared “We are investing in our manufacturing capacity to improve automation and provide our customers with industry leading products.” 

This investment is one of many that will allow Atmus to more quickly and efficiently support existing and new customers with the products they have come to trust to protect their operations.  

The new, data-driven production line operates at twice the speed of its predecessor and features cobots to handle repetitive tasks, such as packing the green filters, reducing ergonomic risk to the Atmus workforce. 

“Perhaps most importantly, this investment improves safety for the Atmus team in Quimper,” shared Paul Massey, Vice President – Supply Chain at Atmus. “We’ve also introduced automated guided vehicles to the operations in Quimper to transport the filters throughout the facility, moving carefully from production to distribution. This enhances workplace organization and employee safety, while also optimizing workflow efficiency and reducing customer lead time.” 

Take a look at the operations in action in this video.