The team at Atmus is celebrating a major milestone – one year as the publicly traded company, Atmus Filtration Technologies. Building on a strong foundation and deep knowledge of filtration and media technologies, the Atmus team has spent the last 12 months establishing critical functions, systems and processes to support a robust growth strategy, with its purpose as a guiding light: ‘Creating a better future by protecting what is important.’ 

Pursuing Strategic Growth 

With a shared sense of purpose, the Atmus team has:  

  • Secured new business with its leading fuel filtration and crankcase ventilation products, partnering with Cummins on its new vehicle platforms and winning business with a global OEM for its European and North American operations. 
  • Accelerated growth in the aftermarket by relentlessly focusing on our customers and providing the right product exactly when and where customers need it. This agility has allowed Atmus to continue gaining share in the aftermarket with its world-class Fleetguard products.  
  • Continued to transform its supply chain, with the opening of new distribution centers to better serve customers where they operate, and the investment in automation technology to increase production capacity and promote a safer work environment for its workforce. 

Living The Atmus Way 

Atmus has a rich history and experienced team members across the globe who are passionate about what they do. Embracing The Atmus Way, the team is guided by a core set of values. Acting in the best interest of Atmus and its stakeholders, Atmus employees: 

  • Build trust. They’re doing what they say they will do, and doing what is right, no matter the circumstance.  From delivering for its customers, achieving growth goals and executing on its strategy, the Atmus team is unwavering in its commitment to building trust with its stakeholders.  
  • Be inclusive. Since the launch of Atmus, the team has been living its commitment to creating an environment where everyone feels safe, welcome and respected. From launching new employee resource groups to confirming its commitment to corporate responsibility priorities, Atmus is focused on building a community where everyone feels valued. 
  • Have courage. They’re challenging the status quo, focusing on the Atmus growth strategy and charting new territory. By trying new things and adopting a learning-oriented mindset, the team is already shaping the future of the company. 
  • Show caring. Atmus employees should feel safe and secure when they come to work. Atmus aspires to be a leader in safety and has been working towards that by strengthening its safety culture and investing in tools and equipment to meet those goals. Extending care out of its walls, Atmus recently introduced its Atmus Gives Back program, providing global teams with the blueprint for supporting their local communities. 

“Our people are fundamental to our success” shared Steph Disher, Atmus CEO when reflecting on the company’s time as Atmus. “We continue to build a strong team with diverse perspectives at Atmus. We have people who have been here for decades and those who have recently joined. We are all guided by our shared purpose and our relentless focus on our customers.” 

Since its initial public offering on May 26, 2023, Atmus has reported strong financial results. In March of 2024, Atmus became a fully independent company, separating from Cummins following a successful share exchange.  

Looking ahead, Disher said “I am confident in our ability to deliver on our growth strategy as an independent company.”