In both our product portfolio choices and our production development processes, we focus on enabling a cleaner and more sustainable world. With more than 1,300 worldwide active or pending patents and patent applications for innovative technology, our reliable products meet or exceed global emissions and noise regulations, and reduce landfill disposal by supporting extended maintenance, lowering operating costs and increasing vehicle uptime. We are also committed to regional manufacturing in multiple countries, allowing us to manufacture to regional demand and reduce the transportation of finished goods around the world.

Products with extended service intervals reduce resource consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. They also reduce landfill and waste stream volumes associated with filter disposal. Fleetguard filters and coolants designed for extended service intervals (e.g. 1,000 hours or more for filters and 1,000,000 mile coolant protection) have helped customers achieve cost-saving goals for years while minimizing environmental impacts. Furthermore, our solutions tailored to both natural gas and electrification technologies have significant environmental benefits.

Eco-friendly disposable rotors with over 1,000 hours' service life

Our CS41018/CS41019 disposable rotors using our patented SpiraTec™ technology offer a minimum service life of 1,000 hours without compromising filtration performance, reducing the environmental impact associated with frequent oil changes. They help prolong oil and primary lube life by removing soot and other contaminants from the lube system and each product is a single disposable unit, replacing the 84 pieces required to perform the same function previously. Learn more about CS41018/CS41019.  

NanoNet™ fuel filters for improved fuel economy

Today’s stringent environmental regulations for internal combustion engines mean fuel systems have to be more efficient, providing better fuel economy while maintaining lower emissions. These global regulations have led to the use of HPCR fuel injection systems for diesel engines which require ultra-clean fuel for efficient operation. Fleetguard fuel filters with NanoNet™ media are 10-13 times more effective at removing 4 micron particulate contaminants than competitive fuel filters. This, in turn, reduces wear on fuel injectors, which increases fuel economy. Furthermore, Fleetguard NanoNet™ fuel filters give up to 14 times longer service life. Find out more about Fleetguard NanoNet™ fuel filters

Lube filtration that has eliminated over 600k metric tons of CO2 (so far)

Along with extending service intervals, our LF14000NN lube filter is optimized to provide unmatched fuel economy, eliminating over 600k metric tons of CO2 and saving our customers over 59 million gallons of fuel (over $200,600,000 in fuel costs based on an average diesel fuel cost of $3.40) …and counting. Read more about the LF14000NN.

Coolant products designed for superior service life

Fleetguard coolant ES Compleat OAT (Organic Acid Technology), is a “life of the engine” coolant, meaning it does not have to be flushed and replaced like conventional coolants. ES Compleat OAT is also a suitable coolant for battery packs in battery electric vehicles.

Nanofiber media for 99.99% air filtration efficiency

From our air filter product range, Fleetguard NanoForce® air filters combine an innovative filter pleat design with a nanofiber media to give up to five times longer service intervals than conventional air filters. NanoForce® achieves 99.99% filtration efficiency.

Find out more about how our products extend service intervals.

FleetguardFIT for extended equipment life

FleetguardFIT is a real-time filtration monitoring system, using pressure sensors to monitor restrictions in oil, fuel and air filters, and a fluid sensor to determine the remaining life of the oil. Early problem detection extends equipment life and reduces downtime for FleetguardFIT customers. The product won Heavy Duty Trucking’s “Top 20 Products for 2019” award.

The future

At Atmus, we will continue to reduce our environmental footprint by further reducing waste and investing in sustainable product technologies and manufacturing processes. This means holding ourselves and our suppliers accountable throughout the entire product lifecycle, including what happens to those products at the end of their useful life.